About The Band

Gabe Laramay – Guitars

A resident of Massena, NY Gabe is married to his wife Kristan of six years.  The love of their lives is four year old standard poodle Maddison who is the baby of the family.

A veteran musician at the tender age of 28; Gabe possesses over 20 years experience on guitar and has been playing in local church bands and other live performance avenues for over 15 years.  He plays acoustic, electric and bass guitars as well as drums and piano; but refused to try “any of those blowy things” you have to pucker your lips for.  He enjoys recording and studio work and has lent his talents to several projects over the years.  As of this writing Gabe is still searching for the perfect pedalboard layout.  “Life is too short for bad tone.”

Ryan Brink – Drums
::coming soon::

Andrew Stephenson – Guitars
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